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Born on June 9, 1968 just four days after the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy to a single mother in Kansas City, Kansas, Kenya Kimbrough began a life without answers and complete knowledge of who she was and what her purpose in life should be.  Her mother became pregnant at a young age and left her hometown, family, and friends to live in a catholic home for pregnant girls.  While most of the young girls were believed to be on "vacation" and would arrive back to their hometowns without anyone aware that they had been pregnant, Kenya's mother gave birth and went back to Springfield, Missouri with her baby daughter and never once considered adoption.

She attended St. Joseph Catholic School in Springfield, Missouri while most of the black children in her neighborhood walked to the "all black" public elementary school.  Kenya noted that as a young girl, she truly feared for her life because all of the black girls wanted to fight her when they saw her get off the yellow school bus wearing a perfectly pleated uniform.  They must have thought that Kenya was going off to a party each day and jealously seethed out of every pore.  Yet little did they know, Kenya faced a daily fear of being ridiculed and separated from the white children at her school.

As time went by, she finally attended Central High in Springfield and graduated in the top 5 percent of her class.  She was a graduation speaker and served as Vice President of the Student Council.  She received a "full ride" scholarship to Drury University. 

Following the death of her grandfather, John T. Kimbrough, Kenya started partying and running around with people that did not have her ambitions or share her dreams.  It cost her education as she dropped out of school, was arrested, and lived a life of poverty. 

In spite of the obstacles, she began her professional career at the Missouri Association of Realtors, followed by a 4 year stint at the Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau where she was the most successful Convention Sales Manager in the bureau's history. 

In 1997, she gave birth to a premature 3.5 lb. baby girl and learned her new identity as "Jada's mom."  She admits that it was difficult to no longer be "Kim." 

In 1999, she found her father utilizing the new technology of the Internet.  She had searched for him for most of her life and met him for the first time when she turned 31 years of age.

She also entered college at William Woods University based in Fulton, MO.

In 2000, she was twelve weeks from competing in a natural bodybuilding show, when she suffered a torn ACL ligament and was forced into knee surgery and a year of rehabilitation.  During this time, she lost her job with the CVB.  Kenya recalls that she noticed a tree in her backyard in October of that year and that all of the leaves were changing into yellow, red, and orange.  The leaves were like flowers and the most beautiful thing that she had seen.  She was tearful and crying to God asking why did she have to suffer so much.  The fallen leaf was his answer.  He reminded her that she was like the tree....strong, tall, brown, with outstretched limbs.  She would be losing the "leaves" in her life, but that did not mean it would be the end.  He told her that winter is near and to be prepared. 

A tree can withstand the cold, ice, snow, wind, rain, and lightning if it's roots are firmly planted.  Kenya would need to firmly plant herself into the Word of God.  With that, winter came. 

On Valentine's Day, 2002, her mother died unexpectedly at the age of 56.  Her boyfriend, who she thought she could not live without, dumped her.  Her friends all seemed to vanish.  She wanted to teach at a summer academy for black, inner-city youth, and had been asked to by several educators in the community.  But was told she could not teach and watched as the same "supporters" turned their backs. 

Although she wanted to quit, move, hide, runaway, and even die....she stayed in school for herself.  But more importantly for her daughter and for the legacy of her mother.  Kenya realized that she was born at the end of the Civil Rights Movement making her the first generation of first-class citizens in America.  And it was an obligation for her to finish school.

She continued to educate and encourage poor black children in Columbia. She gave of her time and resources freely.  She also home-schooled her daughter and spent nearly two years keeping her by her side whether it was at the bank, the grocery store, or in the offices of Missouri's legislators.

Kenya reinvented herself with work, discipline, and exercise.  She remained focused.  In August, 2003, she received a Bachelors of Science degree from William Woods University making her the first person in her family to graduate college.  She was able to do so in the presence of her proud grandmother and her beaming, toothless six year old.

To support her family, she began a website development and Internet marketing company called MoDomains, LLC that she has continued to develop.  She continues to speak to children during Black History Month and has spoken to several organizations, businesses, and individuals about utilizing the Internet.

Spring has finally come for her, and speaking from experience, Kenya can teach you how to survive the winter, too.


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Kenya has been quoted in the Columbia Tribune, the Missourian, Columbia Black News,  Facilities Magazine, Black Meetings and Tourism magazine, and other national and state publications due to her leadership expertise. READ MORE!


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